Paint products for all industrial applications


About Vibol

Vibol®  nv ‒ a Belgian family business formed in 1978 ‒ is an industrial paint manufacturer, specializing in the design and manufacture of coating systems for various branches of industry.

We are mainly active in three areas:
1. metal, which is our original core business
2. wood
3. mineral substrates, like concrete

As a production company in our sector, we are fully vertically integrated.
Every product ‒ from R&D thru’ to delivery ‒ is conceived and developed wholly in-house, by our own staff.
This vertical integration has the big advantage that Vibol® Coatings can draw on a deep pool of technical expertise in the manufacture of paints.

So we’re no stranger to challenges.

The expertise and professional knowledge that we have built up over the years, is passed on to our technically skilled personnel who are at the end consumer’s service.

This makes us a unique partner for over 2,000 customers in various sectors within Europe and far beyond.
Vibol® Coatings nv is synonymous with high-quality paints and coatings, with a sharp focus on the economic and ecological interest.

In addition, we ‒ as a company ‒ set great store by proper technical support of our customers.
It is our ambition to sustain our recent growth in a fast-moving market.

To that end, we have two production units at our command, each with a productive capacity of 14 tonnes per day, supported by a full R&D and laboratory team that works in close consultation with the technical-commercial department.
In recent years, Vibol® Coatings has also invested in several niche markets, including the development of plastics for use in the agricultural sector, e.g. in biogas plants.

In addition, we are still investing heavily in protective coatings, e.g. the development of a
water-based, single-component, zinc-rich primer: Vibol®Aquazink

The strength of Vibol® nv is that of a midsize production company with the standard values of a family business in which the (end-)customer comes first.

Vibol® Coatings products are available worldwide, either through direct supply channels or via the distributive trade.